AIG Travel Insurance: The Full Guide

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For years, AIG Travel, a part of American International Group, Inc., has provided travel insurance alternatives for all travelers. Marketed under Travel Guard, the organization features travel insurance providers and Concept travel providers, including security and medical solutions, promoted to both leisure and business travelers around the world.

In case you’ve bought a trip insurance policy coverage in years past it might have been supplied by AIG Travel without you knowing itthe business also generates custom coverages for many smaller insurance agents, airlines as well as travel groups. Is AIG Travel the ideal companion for your journey?

About AIG Travel

AIG Travel is part of American International Group, Inc., a worldwide insurance provider that offers everything which range from property casualty insurance, life insurance, retirement products, along with other financial providers. Travel Guard is the marketing title which AIG Travel uses to market its own portfolio of products.

Nowadays, the Business is headquartered in Stevens Point, Wisc., also functions travelers in 80 nations and authorities through eight wholly-owned Worldwide service facilities in key areas, such as Houston, Texas; Stevens Point, Wisc.; Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia; Mexico City, Mexico; Sofia, Bulgaria; Okinawa, Japan; Shoreham, England; and Guangzhou, China.

How Is AIG Travel Rated?

AIG Travel policies are underwritten by National Union Fire Insurance Company of Pittsburgh, Pa., another subsidiary of AIG. As of June 2018, the coverage author has an A.M. Best A score, placing them at the”Excellent” credit group with a stable outlook.

For customer support, AIG Travel is rated on three big travel insurance marketplaces online. With over 400 testimonials, AIG Travel includes a five-star score in, using a 98 percent certainty speed. Clients of provide the firm 4.56 stars (out of five). Though no more provides AIG Travel policies , previous clients gave the firm 4.46 stars (from five), using less than 1 percent negative reviews.

What Travel Insurance Does AIG Travel Offer?

AIG Travel offers four strategies for customers, according to their demands and travel programs: Basic, Silver, Gold, and Platinum. Even though the Basic plan isn’t available direct through AIG Travel, it could be bought via marketplaces such as All of travel insurance plans include travel medical guidance, global travel assistance, LiveTravel® Emergency Assistance, and private security help, but merely take effect when travellers are 100 miles from your home.

Please note: All programs of benefits are subject to change. For your most up-to-date coverage info, contact AIG Travel.

Travel Guard Basic: Travel Guard Basic is the lowest degree of policy available through AIG Travel Guard, together with the tiniest advantages for trip cancellation, trip disturbance , along with trip delay. The fundamental plan provides 100 percent coverage of trip cancellation or trip interruption events (around $100,000), however, includes quite low policy ceilings for return airfare due to trip interruption ($500 max ), trip delay (max of $100 per dayup to $500), luggage reduction ($500 prior to a $50 allowance ) and luggage delay ($100 max ). The basic plan includes an optional leasing vehicle injury coverage for a further cost but doesn’t include choices for a preexisting medical condition exclusion waiver or accidental death and dismemberment. Read the program of advantages here.
Travel Guard Silver: Travel Guard Silver is the lowest degree of coverage available right through AIG Travel Guard. Described as”savvy coverage that helps give you peace of mind on a budget,” Travel Guard Silver provides more generous benefits for luggage delay and baggage loss ($750; $50 allowance ) and injury sickness medical expenses ($15,000; $50 allowance ). This program also provides optional coverage for preexisting medical condition exclusion waivers, trip cancellation or interruption as a result of financial default and extra flight policy. Normally, travelers who opt to buy Travel Guard Silver over Travel Guard fundamental can expect to cover 2.5% more. Read the program of advantages here.
Travel Guard Gold: The very popular strategy supplied by AIG Travel Guard, Travel Guard Gold accounts insurance costs with benefits. The Gold plan provides more cash for trip interruption (150 percentage, as much as $150,000 max ), return airfare due to trip interruption (the higher of $750 or 150 percent of their excursion price ) and trip delay policy ($150 daily max up to $750 total). This program also introduces several added advantages, such as luggage and travel record loss (around $1,000), luggage delay ($300) and missed link policy (around $250).
When buying within 15 days of the initial trip payment, travelers might also be insured for preexisting illness waivers, trip cancellation or interruption as a result of financial default and main coverage for injury sickness medical expenditures. Optional coverage amounts comprise Cancel for Any Reason insurance (around 50 percent of guaranteed excursion prices ), automobile rental collision policy and updates for medical cost and emergency evacuation policy. Before any optional policy, expect to cover 20 percent longer for Travel Guard Gold compared to Travel Guard Silver. Read the program of advantages here.
Travel Guard Platinum: Travel Guard Platinum is the Maximum level of coverage provided by AIG Travel Guard, together with the largest benefit amounts. Along with trip cancellation and trip interruption benefits, travelers may get up to $1,000 for return aviation because of trip interruption, trip delay advantages of around $200 per day ($1,000 max ) and around $500 in missed link gains.
Like Travel Guard Gold, travelers who buy their coverage within 15 days of the first trip payment might also get the preexisting medical condition exclusion coverage, trip cancellation or interruption coverage as a result of fiscal default, chief accident sickness medical expense coverage and main baggage and personal effects coverage. Optional policy add-ons include Cancel for Any Reason (around 50 percent of guaranteed excursion prices ), automobile leasing collision coverage, and medical care updates.
Because Travel Guard Platinum is the maximum level of policy available, it’s also the most expensive: travellers must expect to pay between 50 and 60 percent greater than Travel Guard Gold prior to any added add-on policy. Read the program of advantages here.

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What Won’t AIG Travel Cover?

Even though AIG Travel offers strategies to insure many common travel difficulties, they won’t necessarily pay everything. Excluded situations include:

Self-inflicted accidents: If you’re in emergency when traveling, you will find methods to seek help anywhere around the planet . Be aware that mental health care might not be covered by your travel insurance program.
Pregnancy or childbirth: If you’re arranging a trip and be pregnant, discuss your trip with your health care provider first before reserving tickets. In most scenarios, childbirth or pregnancy aren’t covered under AIG Travel programs.
Dangerous activities: Planning on mountaineering, going motor racing, or engaging in a professional-level athletic event? Every one these scenarios are not coated under AIG Travel plans.
Participating in a civil disorder, riot, or insurrection: Although there are a number of fantastic causes worth , taking it into some other nation isn’t highly recommended. Rather, consider carrying a voluntourism excursion to some other country instead.
Baggage reduction for things obtained by authorities or customs officials: Before you come home, make sure you comprehend what may (or might not) be permitted into your house country. If you think your things were stolen by habits or Transportation Security Administration officials, there’s another protocol for reporting these wins.
Baggage reduction for glasses, sunglasses, or hearing aids: As a rule of thumb, travelers must always carry additional glasses and drugs within their carry-on bag. Reduction or substitute of prescription eyesight wear isn’t insured by AIG Travel.
This is merely an abbreviated list of scenarios which might not be dealt with under AIG Travel excursion insurance programs. For a complete list, consult with the program of benefits of every program, which can be connected from the aforementioned content.

How Do I File a Claim With AIG Travel?

Travelers who bought an AIG Travel program in the United States may begin their promises on line . When starting an account on the internet, travelers may file claims for the most frequent circumstances, such as trip cancellation, baggage loss, and trip delay. Policyholders may also find documentation demands online, in addition to receive updates on line. People who have questions regarding their policies or claims might call AIG Travel direct at +1-866-478-8222.

The internet asserts tool is only available for American travellers that bought their travel insurance programs in the United States. All other travelers must contact AIG Travel straight through their supplied telephone number to begin the claims procedure.

Who Is AIG Travel Best For?

In the Basic and Silver levels, AIG Travel is a really basic-level travel insurance plan which may cover people who don’t have excursion coverage by means of a credit card or have access to some trip insurance policy program. Before contemplating both of those AIG Travel programs, make sure you check you don’t have coverage throughout the charge card used to pay for your journey.

If you’re arranging a significant global excursion , or are going on a big trip aboard a cruise line, AIG Travel Gold and Platinum provides better protection than a charge card. With substantial benefit levels and policy built in for preexisting conditions when bought within the first 15 days of a first travel payment, Gold and Platinum could be a much better bet for people that are spending cash on a huge vacation and wish to be certain their trip runs smoothly.

In general, AIG Travel programs are among the very best available today–and must definitely be considered if you’re going far in the home or aboard a cruise boat for a substantial time period.