Are You Protecting Your Skin From Sun Tanning?

A lot of men and women aren’t aware of the dangers of sun tanning getting exposed to the UV rays. They don’t think about protecting their skin with tanning lotion to block these harmful rays. They cause skin cancer, heat strokes and premature aging.

There are different kinds of skin cancer however Melanoma is fatal and a lot of people die annually from it. Overexposure to the sun can make a heat stroke which drains the moisture out of your body and if not treated quickly, you can die from it.

Young individuals seldom consider getting older so that they don’t be concerned about protecting their skin and as they age, it causes premature aging (wrinkling of the skin). Have you ever noticed people who seemed older than their years since their skin was all wrinkled and dry looking?

It is usually caused from a lot of the sun’s ultraviolet rays. The best prevention is to apply tanning lotion liberally, wear sunglasses and a broad brim hat.

You have likely seen these gorgeous young women in a magazine with a thousand dollar tan and wish you looked that good, but what price will they cover in their later years out of looking that good? how to do Routine soleil

Some women look gorgeous in their late fifties from taking care of their skin. They didn’t worry about sun tanning since they were conscious of the ravages caused from exposure to the sun. They remained from the sun as far as possible but if they had been at sunlight, they utilized lotion and wore sun glasses.

When tanning salons started to pop up it was a dream come true for tanners. They could have a tan without the sun, no sweating, getting sunburns and spending hours at sunlight.

Different climates make a difference such as residing on the Pacific coast versus living on the east coast.

From the Midwest people have smoother moisturized skin since sunlight is not as sexy and it’s a damp climate helping keep their skin soft. Overexposures to sunlight causes health risks, so to stay healthy protect yourself when heading out in the sun and when you get old you’ll be glad you did.

You may look great at fifty or even sixty from guarding your skin and people will compliment you on how great you search for your age.

The Hot Spot Tanning Company was Born in August of 2003. Everything started when founder Bobby Paolini was operating at a different regional tanning salon at 2000. That’s when a seed has been planted and the dream became real for Bobby to open a salon of the own.

The thought was to provide clients a friendly clean environment, with state of the art gear and numerous options for flea which would work for all skin types. Bobby believes that everyone looks and feels better with a tan.