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super lutein benefits

Super Lutein is a health supplement that was designed in Japan, and is presently available in the United States. It’s become the number one selling medical supplement in Japan for the past 17 decades. Eastern medicine relies on preventative, long term wellbeing, unlike the Western medical doctrine of waiting until it is too late. The lutein is taken out of the marigold flower in a patented process made by Dr. Frederick Khachik, Ph.D.. Super lutein benefits is a nutrient supplement that’s created for your eyes and total wellbeing. It’s manufactured to strict pharmaceutical grade levels, fulfilling ISO9001 and ISO22000 quality management criteria. ISO9001 sets the demands of an excellent management system. ISO22000 certification sets the general principles for food safety management.

It’s a recognized nutritional supplement from the Japanese Adult’s Diseases Prevention Association (JADPA). You will find 6600 physicians within this institution. For a product to qualify for your JADPA, it has to fulfill three requirements.

“A human must test the product for six months to ensure there are no harmful side effects.”

super lutein benefits

“A human tests the product for another six months to determine if the product will do what the manufacturer claims it will do. Most products fail at this point.”

“The product is reviewed by the Board of Directors, and a decision made after meticulous investigation on whether to endorse the product or not.”

Within the last 20 decades, over 20,000 products were submitted for evaluation, and just 20 were advocated, Super Lutein being among these. An internet research on Super Lutein, will disclose many testimonials, as well as the science behind the product’s efficacy are available. Assessing our eyes is much more significant in today’s high tech world. Ultraviolet radiation, along with the blue warmth from tv, computer, and smartphone displays damage and hamper our vision with time. Lutein is proven to nourish the eyes and may improve eyesight. Super Lutein goes beyond simply focusing on eye health.

It is named Super Lutein, as it isn’t merely lutein based. Additionally, it utilizes carotenoids, which are pigments found in nature, which have strong anti inflammatory properties.

super lutein benefits

The carotenoids that constitute Super Lutein are:

Lutein (such as eyes, mind, and colon health)

Alpha-carotene (such as skin, mucous membranes,and lung health)

Beta-carotene (for bones, heart, and liver health)

Lycopene (such as liver, kidneys, and prostate health)

Zeaxanthin (for eyes, skin, and blood vessel health)

Super Lutein uses all organic ingredients made to pharmaceutical grade levels. In a health conscious world, there’s a high need for uncooked, natural, natural ingredients in supplements. Many articles and books are written about organic Superfoods that may enhance your health and quality of life. With today’s engineering and production procedures, we can stay healthier and higher quality lives.