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The Way to Determine the Perfect Engagement Ring Size

Your engagement ring is going to be a continuous (sparkly) emblem of your union, long after your wedding day has passed. That is why it’s of the utmost importance that you have a precise measure of your ring size prior to your spouse pops up the question. There’s nothing more disheartening than shedding such a… Read more »

Semi Permanent Brows

The Way to Grow the Full Brows Your Dreams

Thought I’d never see the day, but bushy eyebrows come back. (Hallelujah!) Plus it had been caused by”natural beauty, encouraging women to highlight the features they were born with,” says Sabrina Little, senior manager of product and marketing development in RevitaLash Cosmetics. “And there is nothing more beautiful than glowing bare skin, and bold thick,… Read more »

medical grade eyelash extension glue


The urge to earn lashes strong weapons of seduction is hardly something new. Batting long lashes can mean several things, from needing to request something from somebody to become flirtatious. But, Eye Batter eyelash extensions have been bent on creating your customers feel like the gorgeous creatures they are. Our eyelash extensions are only an… Read more »