Common Cat Health Problems

Similar to other responsible pet owner, you should know what health problems may strike it hard your pet cat. Cats may appear very quiet and sturdy, but they are a target of many viruses, bacteria and viruses that may affect the health of your beloved pet. Pet owners has to be familiar with common cat health problems so that they won’t escalate within something worse. Prevention and early treatment is key to saving the health and life of your cat.

Here are some common illnesses that your feline may encounter in its lifetime.

1 . Moggie cold

Colds are not for humans only, but it is as well one of the common cat health problems. Your cat may definitely active and normal even when it has the sniffles. If it is the case, then you shouldn’t be worried. But if the cold affects your individual cat adversely, then you should bring it to the veterinarian. Various symptoms of a bad cold include loss of appetite, inactivity together with murky discharges from the nose and/or the eyes. Always keep in mind never to give your cats medicine designed for humans as they might possibly worsen their condition, or worse, lead to their passing.

2 . Feline Urological Syndrome (FUS)

FUS, or the Cat Lower Urinary Tract Disease (FLUTD) is one of the most common cat health problems problems that owners encounter with their cats. One of the symptoms of it that is easy to spot is the appearance of sand-like dirt in the urine of your cat. Sometimes, the sand calls for the appearance of stones, which can deal your cat great aches and pain. Leaving this untreated could mean your company cat’s death.

As an owner, you could prevent this with happening by monitoring your feline’s diet. You should keep the very cat’s magnesium levels low and ensure that it gets the the right amount of water to lessen its bladder retention time. The main acidity of the cat’s urine should be also considered, precisely as it should be kept acidic. Veterinarians say that feeding cats abandoned food is less likely to create kidney problems than dry food stuff. Always make sure that there is a suitable area for cats to do their valuable business inside the home especially in cold weather. Cats tend to support in their urine in the cold, so exposing them to the place to do their business inside the warm house could help these products take out their wastes properly, thus avoiding disease.

4. Wounds

Cats are active animals, and it can’t be given a hand to if they get scratches and wounds. They have sharp paws and teeth that may injure other cats and his or her self as well.

The most prominent problem that could present itself in that scenario is infections. Various cat health problems arise from your infected wound, and if left untreated could mean your company’s cat losing a limb, or its life. If you see a gash or a wound, clean it immediately utilizing water and soap, then apply an antiseptic enjoy iodine and cover it up with gauze to prevent the main cat from licking it and ingesting the antiseptic. This is the first step of the prevention of a bigger infection situation. Know more