Different Types Of Acrylic Sheets For Signage

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It is wrong to consider that there is only a single type of acrylic sheet used for signage whether the outdoor types or otherwise.  Of particular note is that there are different compositions of display stand Singapore used for presentations. The most common ones are discussed in the brief below.

UV Filtering Sheets

These are PVC sheets that are designed to filter out the sunlight or more specifically the UV rays contained in the sunlight.  The UV filtering sheets are meant for outdoor use and are typically used to contain material like glossy paper that can fade with exposure to sunlight at best.  The main reason that this type of acrylic sheets are used is to provide for longevity to the acrylic signage installation.

UV Transmitting Sheets

Quite to the converse to the UV filtering, the UV transmitting allows the sun’s UV rays to pass through the sheets. In the normal course of events, the material is used to sandwich printed glossies that are rather resistant to the effects of sunlight even in the harshest of summers too. One of the common uses of the UV transmitting sheets is in the manufacture of tanning beds and such material that needs to be transparent to the ultraviolet light that causes tanning of bodies.

Museum Acrylic Sheets

The UV filtering sheets do meet the needs of some of the most stubborn of external installations but there are some applications, which are to be considered to be specialized applications like the picture frames that needs to have greater clarity as compared to the standard acrylic material.  The poster display stand Singapore needs to be of such high quality that it prevents the degradation of the material in the display and at the same time provide for a standard of display that is quite different from the ordinary. 

Frame Grade Acrylic  

The typical uses of frame grade acrylic is in the manufacture of picture frames and clock frames used in the manufacture of clocks and time pieces.  These are highly malleable pieces that can be manipulated to conform to any given shape and size.  The acrylic sheeting is just half the weight of traditional glass and can absorb up to 97% of the UV rays falling on them.  Then there is the additional present ability factor.


It is never right to say that a particular type of covering, whether acrylic or otherwise is the most suited to the needs of the situation. But the modern day plastics and PVC have given a new lease of life to the outdoor signage and there are the various options to use at http://www.et.com.sg/acrylic-signage1.html. People often comment that there is never a dull moment with using PVC or acrylic at any time and one of the most common features of the product is the sheer workability of the material.  That the product works to be one of the most cost effective ones to be had for both internal applications as well as outdoor signage is a positive aspect to the material.