EBook Cover Designing Tips

Novels have revolutionized the way we read and write. Considering the influx of online reading websites, portable reading cool gadgets and downloadable books, we can now read and write in a whole new and unconventional way.

Reading books is really a favorite hobby for many all over the world. Handheld books are challenging handle and people are adapting to more innovative strategies for reading. EBooks too have to be like conventional books and keep the pleasure of reading sanguine. So if you are thinking for you to or want to publish eBooks online, always start with a good cover design.

The eBook cover design should be beneficial to arouse interest. Here are some tips to design interesting and stylish arrange covers:


  • • Before you start designing the cover, take into account your target audience. Write down the characteristics of the people who will be interested in browsing your book.
  • • The cover size and data format should be known for the eBook. The ideal size is 600 of the 900 pixels.
  • • If you are a famous writer, your term font should be bigger than the book title.
  • • The very eBook covers should be readable in a small thumbnail.
  • • A picture is the vantage point of your eBook. It should have an relevant and engaging image. Keep searching for the perfect picture until you do find an excellent one to define your title.
  • • Select the typography to suit the image and fits into the cover perfectly. Don’t use a garish typeface.
  • • Playing with colors will be suicidal. Use sophisticated color contrasts and always make sure the backdrop enhances the font color.
  • • The resolution of the booklet cover should be 72 dpi.
  • • After finishing often the cover page, see if it is delivering the right message.
  • • Test market your design. Send the covers to future readers or circulate it among your friends and family and make transformations according to their feedback.
  • • If you are finding it challenging to design your eBook cover or you want to redesign the exact book cover, hire a professional to do it for you.

These tips will assist you get started and will definitely provide assistance. A flawless, exceptional and outstanding eBook cover design will boost sales and profits and augment your popularity. There is no need to worry if you don’t have the actual to design a cover, simply visit the website of Damonza and they will be more than happy to design it for you.