Examples of Awesome Explainer Videos

It is not surprising that explainer videos are a lovely tool for your business. They hook, interact, explain and tell viewers what to do next (call-to-action). And all of these happen in only 60 seconds. It is great.

Are you planning to create an explainer video? Whether you are the video creator or want to have someone create an explainer video for your company, you will surely want to get some inspirations. Here are seven examples of awesome explainer videos you could take a look.

Tornado Alert by Yans Media

Product explainer video

Tornado Alert is a high-tech software which can scan the skies for danger. Developed by NASA, it can give the warning for people to find shelter. It seems that the content of the video emphasizes the compassion and seriousness to encourage people to get the solution. The video showcase funny human characters with harsh proper tone.

Crazy Egg

Homepage explainer video

Crazy Egg is a fun homepage explainer video that explains the tool to the audience. It is a heat map tool that shows the users why the visitors are not converting. The cool video is targeted for businesses. The creator uses the funny bearded guy as the character of the video. With stunning 2D graphics and motions, it can successfully engage the audiences. It also has comprehensive explanations of the features starting from heat map tool, scroll map tool, overlay tool, confetti tool, and so on.


Nest explainer video has such excellent art direction and animation. It took a lot of effort and time to create such structural and neat video which duration is short. The animation is stunning and catchy. The creator used real-life objects in a 2D setting. Unlike the other commoners, the execution has been done very well. The video creator is also smart in inserting Nest Logo in the video.


Blockchain company video

The blockchain company video from Buglab is created to explain the whole concept of the product and how the system works. The video is catchy and impactful. The main style of the animation is motion graphics. Creator used the BugLab assets and remodeled the objects in the video. It comes with fantastic characters that can engage human audiences more.

Yella Parking

information –  https://www.wearealive.com/work/motion/yalla-parking.html

The video explains the pain of the audiences. In this case, the video demonstrates how difficult it can be to find a parking place in Dubai. Yalla Parking comes as a solution. The creator smoothen the narration from the introduction to the call-to-action. It has fun objects like cars, parking lots, bicycles, road elements, and so on. In the solution part, the screen is split in two to explain how the users use Yalla Parking to search available parking space from their laptop. It nudges the average laptop users.

IT Man

The video explains about asset management tool called PANORAMA9. The character’s name is IT-MAn. The system described in 16-bit graphics video.


This is classics-this is the first successful explainer video, and marketers started to talk about the importance of explainer videos

It uses the classic whiteboard explainer video format that includes the clip of 3D object converted in 2D objects.

Final Words

Well, we hope you had fun today and be inspired to create an explainer video for your company to achieve more marketing objectives. Go Google search the best explainer companies and send several quote requests and find the best company to work with.