How Important Is Going to Acting or Drama School?

People I am not going to lie to you being an actor is hard work and I am here to tell you without my very own drama courses I would have struggled.

I am here to share my truth with you, I mean I am sure that some of you out there may be reading this article to nurture your naive belief that tcc sem drama school is the springboard to secured success, but I would like to respectfully shatter that idea right now.

Don’t get me wrong, for some lucky few you will discover jobs and agents waiting for them on graduation – or even before. Yet however talented you may be, most of the good luck is based on having the right look to fill a hole within the agent’s books, being in the right place at the right time and so on and that’s just the way it is. But even then should you have not taken your training and all your qualified drama courses seriously you will be bitterly disappointed, and something that episode school can never teach you are the importance of attending drama courses/ school in order to become a successful actor.

I mean a lot of inexperienced actresses approach agents all the time to try and get work. Did you know that nearly all agents will ask you if you’ve done any movie star training? It’s very common for agents to say, “You indicate some promise – but come back to me after you’ve performed this amount of drama courses or attended drama classes. ” Most agents prefer you to have two to three years’ professional actor training at a recognised institution. Reason staying, they may like what they see on your show reel — but they also want some assurance that if they take a person on, they can trust you to go out to an audition as well as film set and maximise your chances. If you have training, many people know you have a toolkit to work from – a professional toolkit.