Pressure Washing Service

When contemplating how much time it will take to power clean your house, there’s one key question to ask yourself: Who is supplying the energy washing machine?

Why? Your home is your biggest investment. Trusting the proper individual to perform the job is much more important than picking the cheapest or quickest option.

By picking Perfect Power Wash, you’re picking the technician that has gone through countless hours of instruction. The exact same tech has cleaned countless houses like yours. They’ve a group behind them who’ve cleaned 7,000 houses this year and more than 88,222 houses up to now. By picking Perfect Power Wash, you’re opting for the staff who promises to provide the best outcomes possible, or your money back.

In the conclusion of the day, our technicians will get the job done as quickly as quality work permits. Read below as we dig deeper to what decides how much time it is going to have a professional tech to clean your house.

Pressure Washing Service


The quantity of time that it takes to power clean a home depends on many things. Every house is unique, out of its square footage into the materials it is made out of, which makes it impossible to provide an specific estimate. By way of instance, a 2,000 square foot house can take anywhere from a few hours to power wash. Why? But when a Perfect Power Wash technician arrives, they believe those questions concerning your home:

What kind of siding do you have?

When was your house professionally cleaned?
Does one side have a good deal of dirt or algae?
Are there some hard-to-reach locations?
Are there any trees around your house?
These questions, in 1 manner or another, connect to the dimensions or the state of your house. After analyzing your house, they’ll have the ability to provide you with a clearer idea of just how long the procedure will require.

Pressure Washing Service


Unsurprisingly, size plays a massive role in how much time it takes to professionally electricity wash a house. If you compare with a 1,500 square foot home to a that has 4,500 square feet, then the latter will probably require more. Though this might appear obvious, bigger homes need added attention to make certain they’re cleaned correctly. A number of stories and a couple of hard-to-reach areas may add time to your occupation.

Perfect Pressure Washing Service Operations Manager Anthony Spena states,”Yes, the size of your home is one of the first things to consider when estimating how long it will take. However, we can’t say that 10 extra square feet will add ten minutes to the job. It depends how dirty those extra ten feet are.”


The state of your house has only as much an effect on time since the dimensions of your property.

Compare it to getting your carpet cleaned. For those who have it cleaned yearly, odds are it will not take long to accomplish the desired benefits. In case you haven’t had it washed in 15 decades, it is going to require much longer. If you inadvertently spilled red wine on it, or your children tracked in sand, these stains will need additional attention.

The very same factors have an effect on the practice of cleaning the outside of your property. In case you’ve got your house power washed in an yearly basis, which will be advocated, then can it require less time. If your house includes a substantial algae growth and places that require more attention, the energy washing procedure slows down.

After your Perfect Power Wash technician arrives in your house, they will get a better comprehension of how the cleanliness and size will find out the time it takes to clean your house. Whether it takes 1 hour or 5 hours, your tech will supply your home with the greatest possible outcomes.

No matter if your house is large, little, clean, or dirty, rest easy. Our technicians will require as much time as needed to supply your house with ideal results.