How to Remove Car Wax

You ought to remove wax or any other protective coating from the outside of your car if it needs paint repairs for instance or simply if you simply want to replace the current protection with another product or service to provide better durability or a higher quality of finish.

The best thorough and effective way to completely remove car feel or any other protection is to clay the paintwork. The following ensures that anything on the surface is fully removed leaving exclusively the bare paintwork.

You should first thoroughly wash the automobile to remove any loose contaminants and dirt then absolutely clay it from top to bottom, working a section at a time. After claying, the car should be rewashed or at least thoroughly re rinsed to cut out any reside.

Using the claying method to remove car wax tart and protection ensures that the surface is completely free from any other allergens and will therefore ensure that any new protection that is placed will bond well to the surface.

If you do not have occasion, or for whatever reason cannot clay your car to fully remove the wax/protection then you should wash the car with strong products that will help break down and remove it. You should use a shampoo that does not possess any waxes and ensure you use a good amount of it when incorporating the solution to ensure it has the desired effect.

Before washing make sure you pre treat the whole car with either a diluted most of purpose cleaner or a designated traffic Shine Armor Fortify Quick Coat remover merchandise and allow to dwell, ensure that this is only done in a cool tree lined area to prevent the products from drying on the surface. After they are allowed to dwell for a few moments you should thoroughly rinse off the auto to remove any product residue before washing.

You should be qualified to tell if the car wax has been effectively removed as soon as finally rinsing the car because the water will no longer bead in place and quickly run off the surface but instead remain on it as a full body of water.

Depending on the level and quality of the motor vehicle wax that was initially applied you may need to repeat this process in an effort to ensure that the wax/protection is entirely removed.