How to Sell Your House Fast to the “We Buy Houses” Guys, Safely

If your current chaos in housing and the economy all of a sudden has you seeing little yellow signs and big billboards that declare, “We Will Buy Your House” you probably need to sell a family house fast and may be wondering who are these guys behind often the signs and can they really do anything to help.

The signals have been around for probably three decades, but like everything else, you see the things that are of immediate importance to you. Even though anyone can buy and sell houses in the United States most people only exchange the house they live in or expect to live in.

Buying houses without the expectation of living in them-as a business, really come to take off about 30 years ago when a number of seminar sound system crossed the county selling training in buying and selling homes to get profit.

Like any business, you can expect a number of the people who buy homes to be skilled, honest professionals and others not so skilled and some-that you would want to avoid.

The bottom line is that some of these persons can in fact help you sell a house quickly, sometimes in a few days, as well as solve problems. Others, I have found, will not even answer the unit or call you back, if you call and get away from a message. Strange as it may seem, I have found that this reluctance to go by up on a lead happens in a number of areas in sales.

To ensure the first thing I would suggest in selecting a House Buyer to deal with is definitely call several, see who answers the phone, and see who all comes out to your house and arrives when they agreed to arrive. Definitely not high tech, but a good start.

Who am I to tell you the best way to sort through these guys? I happen to be one of them and have been doing inspiring real estate for two decades in Florida, was previously a stock loans broker and financial reporter for the Chicago Tribune. It is almost like going to a hacker to find out how to make your computer surgery safe.

And as one of them, let me assure you there are good, proficient people, who are able to raise the money it takes to buy and are considered of the way real estate works where you live.

There are also, and always, mounds of new people who are learning how to buy houses and some of the people who need to sell a house fast will be helping these newcomers study the trade.

In addition to seeing if they answer the phone as well as arrive at the time agreed for an appointment, I would want to know the time the person has been buying houses and how well they do the item. In the second installment of this series, we will look at strategies of checking them out and in the third article we will be checking out phrases in the contract they offer you that you may want to keep away from.

One of the biggest pluses that the best of these guys and gals gives to the table to help you is that they have been taught that there are a number of ways to sell a house, methods that have been used in commercial real estate for some time but that are rarely used in residential real estate.

I realized the use of these creative methods the hard way twenty many years ago when I lived on the East Coast of Fl and unbeknownst to me had bought a house in an place where a garbage burning incinerator was planned. It was for being built about a mile from where my house was when I was ready to sell the house to move to the Tampa Clean area, I could not sell.

Everyone knew of the options when I was ready to sell and no one wanted from any of the houses in my area. I finally left the house along with a real estate agent and moved while bearing the cost of two households.

While a lot of real estate agents do not like creative real estate, my adviser was knowledgeable and suggested a way to sell my house. We were scarred, but after thinking about it we sold and it determined fine.

There was a risk in what I did then as well as a risk in any creative answer to a real estate sales problem, although my experience was what eventually sent me into your We Buy Houses business and in the next several articles or blog posts we will tell you how it may help you and discuss the health risks.