Installing the Corner Bead

Bullnose corners

Immediately after you have hung the walls and ceilings you will need to set up the corner bead. Ensure you put the sheetrock inside all the windows along with the outlets are all cut out. Rasping the edges and corners off each of the hung sheetrock will make installing easier.

Corner Bead

You will discover two types that come in many lengths:

1 – Bull Nose
2 – Typical Square

You’ll find two kinds of material for the two varieties:

1 – plastic
2 – metal

There’s no difference in how you can set up the plastic or metal.

Measure the Bullnose corners and cut the piece to fit, using Tin Snips. In case you have a corner that may be longer than the piece you have and will need to work with more than one particular piece per corner, usually do not overlap them, “butt it up”. Put them as close collectively as you can and stick to the directions below.

Bullnose corners

Bull Nose: You will find two ways to set up this kind.

1 – gluing: they are spray adhesives. The best one particular recommended is Corner Bead Spray Adhesive. Use in accordance with manufacturer Guidelines. Spray the adhesive around the whole inside of one’s cut piece. Place it around the corner and apply pressure within the middle, functioning upward with one particular hand and downward with the other. Creating confident you will find no bumps or bubbles around the edges. Enabling to dry over night gives that added assurance that when you are mudding you realize your not going to acquire it beneath the sides and will not have a fix-it project to do later since it lifted.

2 – nailing: the top to make use of is normal sheetrock nails at an inch and 1/8 to inch and 1/4 . Put your cut piece on the corner and put 1 nail within the center on the corner bead on each side. Operating upward 1st then downward put a nail in at about two inches apart. Be sure the edges do not lift. If its does, place a nail in where it really is lifted. You’ll be able to start off mudding promptly afterward.

Typical Square: There are actually three methods to set up this sort.

1 – gluing: similar as above

2 – nailing: very same as above

3 – crimping: Please note: you can not crimp the plastic. Place your reduce piece around the corner and place the crimper in the center initial. Apply stress to the crimper and hit it with all the rubber mallet. This style pinches the corner bead for the corner by pinching each sides simultaneously. Operate upward initial then downward. Once it really is all crimped, check for any lifting. If there’s lifting crimp down the component(s) that happen to be lifted. You can start out mudding straight away afterward.

Bullnose corners


Plastic or Metal Corner bead
Crimper and Rubber Mattet
1-1/4″ sheetrock nails
Spray Adhesive
Tool Belt
Measuring Tape
Tin Snips
Beer and Very good Pals
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