Leawood City Park Leawood KS

Leawood City Park is located at 10601 Lee Blvd, Leawood, KS 66206, United States. The park is spread over 66 acres of green landscape that is filled with thick grass ground, dense trees, wild bushes, creepers, and all kinds of fauna. There are also small water bodies like ponds that are fed by natural brooks.

Kid’s Playgrounds

Spacious kids’ playgrounds in Leawood City Park are filled with a vast range of metallic and stone structures and equipment for your children. They are beautiful, innovative, and kid-safe in all aspects. Wooden seats around the playground are spacious for you to sit and observe your children as they play and develop socializing skills with the other kids who have come with their parents.

A thick blanket of grass covers and protects all the kid’s playgrounds here, especially around the installed playing equipment. It protects your children from fall injuries and provides a safe place to play with friends and family members.

Community Events

There are a large hall and a few rooms attached to it at the community center. It has plenty of space for community events and family celebrations as well as festivities and business events that you may like to host.

Restaurants and Shopping

There are plenty of restaurants and shopping centers around Leawood City Park. Here, you can enjoy multi-cuisine breakfast, lunch, and dinner with your family. Every dish and beverage here gives you the ultimate experience of the American, European, and Asian food varieties.

Shopping centers around Leawood City Park bring you the latest collections of fashion garments, boutiques, souvenirs, and gifts for special occasions.

Water Bodies

There is a lake inside the Leawood City Park that gives you plenty of opportunities to go fishing with a license and permit. You can bring them to the nearby shelter and use the grill for preparing delicious fish food.

Picnic Shelter

The picnic shelter at Leawood City Park is big enough to accommodate more than 50 people at a time. It has an electric and charcoal fuel-based grill that you can use for the fish that you catch from the surrounding lake. The shelter has tables and chairs for eating your food and enjoying the beverages with your family and friends. 

Walking Path

The walking path inside the park is compact but it is filled with dense trees and thick grass ground. It is ideal for early morning walking, jogging, and exercising. The morning sun rays passing through the dense trees falling on the water bodies make a great scenic environment around the lake.

Soccer Ground

Leawood City Park has a small but clean soccer park for men and women of all age groups. The youngsters from surrounding regions have local club teams who come here to play the local league matches. Your children can join the communities and play soccer here as a member. The communities also employ coaches to train their children on playing soccer. You can +1 913-339-6700 for more information about soccer and other facilities here.   Get more information about Foundation Repair in Leawood KS

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