Spotlight: Spotify

The information here is focused on Spotify. Now you’re probably wondering. What the heck does Spotify have to do with data? Realistically, not so much, but I wanted to take the time to in depth highlight some of the superb things Spotify is doing in the data world, and hell even some things that are completely off the data beaten roads.

Discover Weekly

Discover Weekly is a innovative feature Spotify fully released over the summer. Every From monday, the playlist updates and gives you 30 songs it’s likely you have never heard of. It takes data that they’ve stored for you, and come up with songs that they believe you might like. Appears to be great right? Yes. It is great, but after once they have used this feature for a couple months now there are a few blemishes in their system.


1 . Discover Weekly seems to strain based off of your all time plays. So if you decide you desire to listen to a genre you don’t often listen to for an full week, that won’t be reflected in your Discover Weekly. It isn’t really necessarily a plus or a minus. For me, I’d rather have music suggestions based on the music I’ve listened to most recently.

2 . not There is a supreme lack of visibility in their process. Understandably signify they want someone else to copy how this works. I would often be really curious in reverse engineering their algorithm, but that is going to involve keeping track of everything I listen to throughout a week (impossible), and I’d have to suddenly become a software engineer(which I’m just not), plus buy spotify plays will never release how promotional hobby affects this playlist.

3. The refresh time of your playlist seems to be really arbitrary, and I’m not sure why it happens. I’ve had my playlist refresh at 2 at dawn on Monday, and I’ve had it refresh during 10pm on Monday. The inconsistency is rather annoying for people of us who are super habitual beings. UPDATE: I’ve these days noticed that it seems to refresh whenever you restart the client. It is nice if they had a push setting to alert you they need to restart the client to retrieve it.

4. From time to time stuff shows up that you just don’t like, and it’s almost infuriating with regards to does. There’s no way to really fix this on their conclude, but it would be nice if I was somehow given the capacity to opt out on certain bands. For instance, I had Upon a new Burning Body show up on my playlist, which I’ve listened as them in the past. Well, I had a major fall out with that group after some stunts they pulled on their new project. I lost all respect for the band and really want nothing to do with listening to them.

5. Sometimes tunes show up that are already on one of your playlists. In the 20 weeks I’ve been using this playlist, I’ve only had the following happen once. But it’s still disappointing.

Those are often the negatives, but let’s talk more about the positives, plus why this provides a great listening experience for someone like everyone, the user.


1 . Rediscovering music you forgot was around. Yea, I listen to a lot of music. I’ve been known to boost a song non-stop for a couple days, then under no circumstances listen to it again because I forgot to attach them to a playlist, or I have trouble finding the appropriate playlist to put it on. Almost every week I rediscover a type of songs, and it’s exciting to rehear something you love.

installment payments on your Hearing other songs from an artist you originally idea you only liked a couple songs to. This is one of definitely the things about the playlist by far. Sometimes I’ll hear your song by a band, just to listen to 5 other music and completely hate them so I give up on the strap. Then that band shows up in my DW, I complaint, and the song ends up being amazing.

3. Discovering a good band you don’t listen to that much or follow well lowered a new album, AND it’s amazing. It’s kind of embarrassing having a band you really like put out a new album 4 months ago and you didn’t know about it. But Spotify will be to the rescue!

Spotify Radio

Spotify’s radio featuring is not good. Plain and simple. Pandora is in my opinion an of other times service, but they have mastered the art of radio much better than Spotify. If there is anything Spotify could afford to fix more than anything else, it could their radio. It is rather annoying to make a playlist that’s related to 50 songs long, wanting to improve upon it, starting some playlist radio, and hearing a bunch of songs that besides don’t belong in that playlist, but when you spam the next songs button get a repeat of songs.

Spotify radio may be awful for a long time. I want to believe it’s because the radio pulls out of promoted bands more so than bands that actually play in addition to the other musicians that it is relationally pulling from. If that’s the case, next it’s disappointing, but I understand Spotify needs to raise business earnings.

Spotify Premium

Spotify Premium is obviously not absolutely free, but the extras you receive from spending $10/month (5 when you are a student) outweigh listening to advertisements, and not being able to period music with you on the go. Spotify premium has essentially changed my phone into my full time listening device busy, I replaced my iPod, and haven’t looked back. When we did a cost analysis, we’d see that $120 a year, compared to $200 one time cost of owning an iPod works out very well. Not only do I have one less device to remember when I travelling (oh, how disappointing it is to forget your apple ipod on a trip), but I also don’t have to go to the hassle with downloading and buying music and managing a file structure in the computer’s hard drive.