Web Development Blogs to Level Your Programming Skills

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Most of us have different learning preferences: Some enjoy educational videos and many others like novels. A number of us enjoy a bit of both.

Listed below are eight popular sites with a number of articles mediums, all concentrated on web development programming that will assist you accelerate your skills and find out about new advances in the web design market.


Offers videos, books, and classes to get a reduced monthly membership cost of $9. Content on the website covers html, CSS, Java, and much more. Every month contains a characteristic heartbeat study on a new subject of interest. The website also provides daily mails around the entire month’s feature topic so it is possible to find more details.

Application Web Jura

David Walsh

This site takes more of a conventional format with regular articles and popular attributes. It focuses a good deal on practice over theory, providing several instances to assist teach aspiring web programmers. David Walsh, who functions as a senior programmer at Mozilla, upgrades the site regularly and writes on a vast array of subjects.


As its name implies, this site focuses on CSS. Their almanac is a place you can go to find out everything CSS. The website also provides some extra information such as intriguing posts on JS, jQuery, PHP, and much more. Chris Coyier is the creator and writes lots of the articles.

A List Apart

A List Apart covers nearly every topic pertinent to internet programming such as: design, development, content, engineering, and much more. It’s composed by a number of writers. Now then, they also write novels and operate events.

Matt Might

The site might appear bare bones at first glance, however, the material is far better than the aesthetics. This site covers a selection of themes (not necessarily programming-related), organized by going on the page. You can read posts under Programming Languages, Functional Programming, Compilation, Productivity, or even a Variety of others. The articles are usually written in clear, comprehensible language.

Application Web Jura


This Application Web Jura many different content such as: classes, articles, along with a glossary. Clients love the very long run tutorial articles that are extremely comprehensive, focusing on providing you a detailed comprehension of the instruments and procedures being discussed. Frequently the tutorials will have you building something in real time (or finishing another kind of job ). Should you enjoy what you see about the site, the complete courses frequently follow suit with deeper comprehension.

Joel on Software

Joel Spolsky spent 15 years operating his website, finally compiling more than a million posts on it. Posts cover subjects from company management to programming customs and applications development. Joel is not posting much to the website anymore but it’s worth it to navigate through previous articles and have a peek at the very top 10 list.

Scott Hanselman

With tens of thousands of readers along with a miles-long restart, Scott Hanselman is among the hottest web programming writers on the market. He has been writing for more than ten years, covering programming, gadgets, technology, the business’s future and past, and much more. (And if you are tired of studying –he runs three podcasts along with a station on Youtube! ) )